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Hourly Rate is $50.00 (all services performed have a 1 hour minimum).

Professional IT Services

Services Available

   - Wi-Fi Setup: We can install and setup  your wireless access  points and routers.

  - System Optimization: A complete file maintenance and resource allocation and analysis service is performed.

  - Virus Detection and Removal: We will use scanning and detection tools to detect and remove Malware, Trojans and, Rootkits.

  - Firewall Setup and Configuration: Protect your home network and information. Let us configure a new or existing firewall on your network.

  - Data Backup and Recovery: With so many backup solutions let us help you find the best solution to protect your data. We can also use several techniques to attempt to recover any potential lost data from failed hardware or system corruption.

  - PC/Laptop Repair: Includes hardware repair, installation or, hardware upgrades.

  - Printer Setup: Setup of WI-Fi printers and network printers available.

  - System Re-Imaging: Did you know that it is recommended that every 2-3 years you should re-image your system? Let Frontline Technical Solutions extend the life of your system with our safe and simple re-imaging process.

Services and Pricing


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